logo-square-2502014 Officers for Bosque County Democratic Club:

  • President: Pat Toombs
  • Vice-President: Jerry David
  • Secretary: Ed Bell
  • Treasurer: Betty Outlaw

Despite our combined efforts, not a single Bosque County Democratic candidate won the November election. This hits hard, especially the loss of our Commissioner for Precinct 4, Jimmy Schmidt. He has has held the post for 10 years, serving our community well, with grace and honesty. Good job, Jimmy!

In our capacity as a club for Democrats in Bosque County, we are interested to hear if any of our county residents had issues with the new Texas Voter I.D. Law. If you have a story to share, please let us know on the CONTACT PAGE. We hope to publish your anecdotes. You can indicate whether or not you want to be identified in the news release. However, no story will be published without verification of the authorship of the post. We encourage you, your friends, and your neighbors, to let us know how the Voter I.D. Law affected your ability to cast your vote. Thanks in advance!

The Bosque County Democratic Club meets monthly. For specific information, click HERE.