Jan 142016

The Bosque County Democratic Club met on Thursday, January 14th.


Outgoing Bosque Democratic Club Officers
L-R: Betty Outlaw, Pat Toombs, Ed Bell,
Albert Hunter

Incoming Bosque Democratic Club Officers
L-R: Elaine Bell, Ed Bell, Albert Hunter,
Cal Goedel

​After thanking those who served in leadership positions until now (Pat Toombs, Betty Outlaw, Ed Bell, and Albert Hunter), the group voted for the new 2016 Club Officers:

President – Ed Bell
Vice-President – Cal Goedel
Treasurer – Albert Hunter
Secretary – Elaine Bell

Other Business:

    1. Yearly Dues are set to $25.
    2. Bosque County needs Poll Workers of the Democratic persuasion to work from 7am-7pm on March 1st. Call Pat Toombs 254-364-2673 for information.
    3. We need more people to apply for and pass the examination to become Voter Registrars, Call Bosque County Election Manager, Lexie Houser, at 254-435-6650 for application forms and examination criteria.
    4. William Godby

      Ed Bell and William Godby recently traveled to Austin to meet with Mr. Gilberto Hinojosa, Chairman of the Texas Democratic Party. Mr. Hinojosa is the first Latino to hold a party chairmanship in the state. To learn about his  background and accomplishments, follow this link.

      While in Austin, Mr. Godby shot a video of Mr. Hinojosa explaining voter registration and participation in the elective process in Texas. You can see the video, both in English and in Spanish, here.

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