Aug 012014

Ed Bell, Bosque County Democratic Club Secretary, offered his 1941 classic car as elegant transportation for the Rodeo Parade. Our candidate for US Representative for Congressional District 25, Dr. Marco Montoya looks like he was enjoying the ride!


photo credit: Carol Spicer

Feb 192014

piggybankTo make a political contribution to local campaigns for Democrats running for Bosque County Offices, you may contact:

Albert Hunter for Justice of the Peace
Bosque County Precinct #1
Albert Hunter, Treasurer
PO Box 291
Meridian TX 76665

Jimmy Schmidt for Commissioner
Bosque County Precinct #4
Jimmy Schmidt, Treasurer
370 CR 4265
Clifton, TX 76634

Bosque County Democratic Club
c/o Betty Outlaw, Treasurer
1302 W. 3rd St.
Clifton TX 76634

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