Dec 212017

Announcing the Campain to Elect John Hastings to Defund and Close the Expensive and Unnecessary Bosque County Court at Law

Third Generation Bosque County Citizen John Hastings …

Valedictorian of the 1972 Cranfills Gap class, John Hastings went on to graduate from Baylor Law School. He is a full Norwegian, and he was baptized and married – and will eventually be buried – at St. Olaf’s Lutheran Church (the Rock Church) in Cranfills Gap. At the age of 23, John opened his country law office in Meridian, and later served as District Attorney. John opened Bosque Cen-Tex Title Insurance Company in 1985, where he and his wife, Mary Hastings, remain today.

More than 40 years of professional experience in Bosque County have enshrined a love of frugality and a hatred of waste in John Hastings’ soul. The world continues to change, and an unpredictable future demands efficiency at every level of government. This is most true at the local level where unexpected expenses can have catastrophic consequences. However, nearly $280,000 of taxpayer money is currently wasted on a demonstrably unnecessary court that was first established in Bosque County in 2009.

The Law Regarding Courts in Texas Counties …

The Texas Constitution requires every Texas county to be covered by a minimum of three types of courts: a State District Court, a County Commissioners Court with a County Judge, and a Justice of the Peace Court. Additionally, large counties may ask the legislature to statutorily create a special court to relieve a heavy caseload burden that one of the state constitutional courts is struggling to work through. The jurisdiction of the special court is shared with at least one of the regular courts. No special statutory county court at law is required or advisable in Bosque County because the narrowly limited jurisdiction of the special court overlaps with the jurisdiction of the Bosque County Judge and the District Judge of the 220th Judicial District. County Judge Don Pool and District Judge Phil Robertson are capable of managing their respective caseloads, and therefore there is no need for an additional court.

A Financial Burden …

In addition to unnecessary, the special County Court at Law is financially burdensome to Bosque County.
Consider these facts:

  1. The County Court at Law costs more than the superior State District Court.
  2. The County Court at Law has already cost taxpayers well over $1 million since 2009. The CCL has already consumed an unjustifiable amount of Bosque County resources. Imagine how much road improvement could have been accomplished with those funds.
  3. Even one more cycle will cost taxpayers. The CCL Judge has a four year term, and taxpayers will be on the hook for roughly $1.12 million between now and 2022 unless the court is closed. The only way to prevent further waste is to elect John Hastings to defund and permanently close the wasteful court.

He’s Not in It for the Money …

As a candidate, John Hastings will not accept monetary contributions. If elected, John will not accept any salary or other pecuniary gain. John has agreed that he will not take any action that is not absolutely necessary for the formal abolition of the unnecessary BCCL.

We cannot afford to waste our seriously limited resources on unnecessary courts in Bosque County.

It is my hope that every Bosque County citizen will agree to support John Hastings’ non-partisan, single issue campaign to permanently close the Bosque County Court at Law.

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