Mar 282016

texan-votes-blueThe Bosque Democratic Club mailing list is growing as more folks learn of us. Recent articles in the Valley Mills Progress and The Lakelander have been helpful. The turnout at out February meeting was greatly increased.

The Bosque County Democratic Club has set some priorities in order for us to move forward:

1) Recruit Democratic Party candidates to run for local office
2) Register the vote.
3) Raise funds to support these activities.

With #3 in mind, it has been decided that we ask for an annual donation from each person on our mailing list in the amount of $25 to help get our fundraising off to a good start. Please send your check made payable to Bosque County Democratic Club, and mail it to our Treasurer:

Albert Hunter
P. O. Box 291
Meridian, TX 76665

Thank you for being a part of turning Bosque County blue. Each step we take is a move toward sanity in our government.

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