Feb 202014

diana-ani-stokelyThank you for all your comments.

Regarding photos and stories on the website — if I attend the meetings and take photos and notes, I will post them here. If YOU take photos and notes, send them along. My email is diana@grafixtogo.com — thanks!

Regarding articles published on the website relating to our Questionnaire. There is a disclaimer on the beginning of each of those articles, “The Bosque County Democratic Club posted a Candidate Questionnaire on its website and asked all who are running for elected office in the upcoming primary and election to submit their answers. This is one of the replies we have received so far:”
If you are a citizen of Bosque County, you will know that only two Democratic candidates are in the running for the upcoming election: Jimmy Schmidt and Albert Hunter. The Bosque County Democratic Club website endorses these candidates. We have even published their Treasurer’s addresses and asked for donations to their campaigns.
As a citizen of Bosque County, it is worthwhile to know the character of all those who are running for elected office. In our meetings, it is often said that Party Politics have little to do with us at a County Level. You will notice that we do not endorse any Republican candidate, we only supply information as to their platform, so that citizens can make an informed choice at the polls.
~ Diana Ani Stokely
   webmaster: bosquedemocraticclub.com
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