Apr 192015

On Wednesday, April 22, 2015 at 7pm, Pat Toombs will host a “home town” meeting in Iredell to present the “other side” of the Unit Road story. 

Commissioners Day and Koonsman will be present and have the ability to speak without the intimidation that has been present in the Republican Club meetings. 

We hope many members of the Bosque Democratic Club will plan to attend and hear and support these advocates for continuing the Precinct System of roads management.

Where:    Iredell Community Center
FYI, The Iredell Cafe is located at 105 W. Hwy 6, in Iredell.  Their fried catfish is highly recommended. 

Across Hwy 6 from The Iredell Cafe is the Community Center. It is across the road from the Methodist Church. 
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